Sunday 24 November 2013


About 3 months ago I received a mail from Smilla Dankert, she was looking for an architect to get to know the view of a modern thinking architect living and working in Bruges, a UNESCO world heritage site. 

Smilla is a German (Cologne) based photographer and blogger, invited by Tourism Flanders.
I invited her to my studio and our home, garden and a bit of my private live … It was a really nice visit and I think she received more than she had expected … read the whole post on her blog ‘anders-anziehen’.

She felt I wasn’t confident in front of a camera (I hate that). She was very patient and had to have the one good picture. It doesn’t show, she actually took 2 very nice portraits of me. I’m really pleased about the result! Thanks, Smilla, for the very nice photos and all the rest! Hopefully we’ll meet again.

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