Thursday 30 June 2016


How to translate an idea by a jewellery designer into a leather cover for her Moleskine sketchbooks…

I met Michele Wyckoff Smith during my very first Made London event in 2014. Michele is an American jewellery designer based in London. I love her work and she mine :-) so we did a little 'swap': a leather cover for a beautiful pair of earrings.

She wanted a leather cover to put in 2 thin Moleskine sketchbooks. I used beautiful red leather for the cover in combination with black (hand dyed) leather for the inside flaps. 
In the middle a big circle is cut out of the leather so you can see the 2 black sketchbooks and its stitching. A little black leather loop to put her pen into as an extra detail. 
I used red thread for the stitches, it gives a nice contrast with the black leather on the inside. And last but not least personalised with her name on the cover!

Michele, it was a great pleasure making it! I hope you’ll love it and enjoy it for many many years!! X

My workshop will be closed during the summer. See you in September, Happy holidays!!

Tijdens de zomermaanden is het lederatelier gesloten. Een selectie van de collectie zal te zien zijn tijdens de tentoonstelling 'kunst en ambacht' in museum Historium, Markt 1 te Brugge. op zaterdag 23 juli zal ik tussen 16u en 21u daar aan het werk zijn. Meer info vind je onder 'events'.

Ik wens iedereen alvast een prettige vakantie toe! 


  1. wow een mooie swap !
    schitterend idee in een schitterende uitvoering !

    1. Ja hé, ik ben heel blij met het resultaat! (en met mijn oorbellen :-) )

  2. I have goose bumps. I can't wait to get it and take it on holiday with me this summer. All the best,

    1. It looks even better in real :-)
      definitely a keeper!!