Thursday, 3 April 2014


I’m preparing for my next exhibition …

I’m invited by gallery Kunsthuis Apart to exhibit my work during their spring exhibition in a kind of a pop-up shop. My work will be shown next to the work of Jan Leenkneght (glass sculptures), Willy Langmans (ceramics), Paul Ryheul (mixed media) en Roosje Chini (paintings).

For the exhibition I’ve made a red Tbag EVE and it is almost ready, just have to do the finishing touch. Doing several things at the same time is not a very good idea, certainly not if you want to dye leather very quickly with a brand new t-shirt on. Believe me not a good idea. My black and white t-shirt has got now red spots all over. I should have known better … but the result of my red Tbag EVE is superb! That eases the pain. And my t-shirt? It is now one of a kind. 

Sa 5th & su 6th April 2014 | sa 12th & su 13th April | 10h-12h & 15h-18h
Galerie Kunsthuis Apart, Driemasten 99, 8560 Wevelgem (Gullegem)

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  1. Dit is haast een thuismatch voor ons! Kunsthuis apart een mooie galerij!!!

    1. Da's waar, ik vertoef dit weekend in mooi gezelschap én het rode tasjes zal klaar zijn! groetjes