Friday, 25 July 2014


Getting selected for Made London is thrilling and very exciting, however preparing everything is a whole different story!

So far no holiday break for me, I've started the preparations for Made London. I began with the inside pockets of the bags. Actually the making process of these inside pockets is very time consuming. They are made of 100% genuine vegetable leather, they are hand dyed and hand stitched. 
I know, I could use a sewing machine, it’s quicker BUT I want to stick to my concept and stitch everything by hand even when my fingers hurt …AND it's summertime so I stitch outside in our garden. 

Every bag has got such an inside pocket. Each inside pocket has got a large zipper pocket, pockets for a mobile phone, pen and credit cards. So the bags are not only beautiful but handy as well.

Now these are ready I can start making the bags or should I make something else first? Find out in a next post.


  1. Wat is dit blogbericht mooi in beeld gebracht !!!!

    1. Dank je, Marleen, wat een zonnetje niet allemaal doet hé.