Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Forget Paris, London, Amsterdam, Madrid … Bruges is the place to be this summer!!

The historical centre of Bruges has turned into an open museum of modern artwork and architecture during ‘Triënnale Brugge 2015’.  A lot of contemporary art and architecture is to discover from today until October 18th. 

About 5 million tourist visit Bruges every year. What would happen if they decided to stay? Would Bruges become a megapolis? This is the premise for the Bruges Contemporary Art and Architecture Triennial 2015. Eighteen international artists used the idea to create new works that can be viewed through the centre of Bruges. 

Here are a few examples, I haven’t discovered them all yet. When it’s quiet early in the morning, no tourist yet I explore my Bruges with my camera and see another side. Believe me, there is a lot to discover. The confrontation between the artwork and the old buildings is stunning! I’ve got a whole summer ahead of me to discover it over and over again… 

I’m already a big fan and it is just starting. A place beyond belief!!

The big opening for the public is Sunday 24th May. I will demonstrate the saddle stitch with a select group of other handmade in Bruges craftsmen on the stand of Handmade in Brugge, Burg.

Sunday 24th May, Burg from 11h until 17h, 
I will be working there between 13h30 and 16h. Hope to see you!!

11h – 13h: Gil Devloo (textile) and Katrien Perquy (wool/felt)
13h30 – 15h30: Yves Leterme (Caligraphy) and Dominique Dufait (Leather)
16h - 17u: Brody Neuenschwander (Caligraphy)

Click here for more info about Triënnale Brugge 2015.

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