Monday, 30 September 2013


Recycling has become a key issue in our society. Recycling of waste, energy, water … In the design of the K-BENCH recycling is the keyword.

In the latest edition of A+ (renowned magazine about Belgian architecture) there’s an article about innovative material applications and they talk about my K-BENCH!

I designed the K-BENCH in 2004 and it is made of plastic (household) waste material.
The plastic waste is processed to granules. These granules are melted and poured in a mould of a lamella of the K-BENCH. One bench contains the plastic household of 1 family (4 persons) collected during a period of 3 years. This helps us reduce the household waste problem a bit.

The K-BENCH is composed of a series of lamellas placed next to one another forming the seating, therefor the bench is extremely flexible.  Different sizes and lengths are possible, short chair, long bench, around a tree, S-shape, combine different shapes etc … Depending of the viewing angle the bench has an open or closed character.

The recycled material is extremely hard, long-lasting, strong and ecological. AND at the end of their lifetime the bench can be recycled once again!

EKOL (Houthalen-Helchteren, Belgium) has produced the K-BENCH since 2005 and was exhibited during Interieur 2004, Batibouw 2007 and during 'No design to waste' Designmuseum Gent 2014. It’s standing at the entrance of OVAM and the house of the future. The K-BENCH is distributed in Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Germany etc.

Click here for more information about the K-BENCH and EKOL.

This article was published in A+243, p86-87, Architecture in Belgium, August-September 2013.

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