Saturday 26 March 2016


Finally I can reveal the result of our match!

I would like to present you ‘taBI’, a new collection of bike bags, designed by myself and made in cooperation with ERPA (metal supplier).

Most bike bags are just practical and simply not beautiful. So why not designing a bag that is practical and beautiful at the same time? Once the bag is of the bike, it doesn’t remind you of a bike bag at all. It becomes a practical and beautiful briefcase that you can take to your work. The fixing system will be custom made for your bike and stays on the bike. This way it will be very easy to take the bag of the bike or hook it back in. No annoying, ugly hooks anymore on the bag but a nicely designed, custom made fixing system made of stainless steel.

The bag itself is made of a stainless steel frame and leather, a pretty nice combination. The frame is made by ERPA and I stitched the leather on the metal frame by hand. Sore hands, I can assure you! 

taBI is Japanese for 'journey' and symbolizes the journey that the bag will make. It is a collection designed for commuters, business people who are always travelling back and forth between work and home. 
BI is the short for biking, bicycle, bicyclette, bicicletta ...
BI stands for 2, the two materials that we’ve used for the collection, leather in combination with stainless steel 
BI stands also for the duo behind this collection, one designer-maker (Dominique Dufait, leather) and one company (ERPA, metal).

For the moment the collection consists of 2 models, 1 briefcase and one small bag. We are very pleased and proud about the result!! The reactions during the presentation were amazing! So let me know what you thing about it …

Watch the movies here below or click here for a short movie about our match and click here for the movie about the project 'makersmatch' (in Dutch)  

The exhibition of the makersmatch will be on tour during the rest of the year, I’ll keep you posted! in a next post more about the other matches. (all pictures Alain Meessen)

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