Saturday, 12 March 2016


What would the result be if 5 craftsmen and 5 companies cooperate? Let's find out!

A year ago Handmade in Brugge was looking for makers and companies from the area of Bruges to work together in a co-creation project. What would the result be if craftsmen and (high-tec) companies cooperate? The results are fantastic!

5 matches took the challenge! They forced each other to push their boundaries and have achieved surprising results. The 5 prototypes of the different cooperation will be presented during a press conference on 24th march with an exhibition afterwards. The exhibition will tour over the year in several places across Belgium.

During the presentation I will present proudly the result of my cooperation with a high tech metal company ERPA and I’m pretty pleased with the result!
We will present 'taBI', a collection of bike bags especially designed for commuters where both materials, leather and metal (RVS) are combined.

Unfortunately I can't tell or show you more about it until the press conference. However I'll keep you posted in a next blogspot with pictures of taBI. Here a reflection of a successful evening.

and the 5 matches are:

The matches that will present their work are (last 5 pictures):

MATCH 1: Kabinet 89, 
PL/NK (furniture) and Pol Standaert (ornamentist).

MATCH 2: bikebag taBI
Dominique Dufait (leather) and ERPA bvba (metal)

MATCH 3: Lightobject GASTon and LOUis
Sophie Watelle (ceramics), Redlobster (illustration) and Pol Standaert (ornamentist)

MATCH 4: Bierbieters (special crisps)
Carl Delaey (chef), Fort Lapin (brewery), Shells & Skins bvba (productdesigner) and Abramo (food)

MATCH 5: Lightsculpture Arvore
Katrien Perquy (textile) and Willy Vanhoutte bvba (woodwork)

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