Friday, 10 October 2014


In my previous post I told you that I'm not going alone to Made London. I'm going to share a stand with Jeannine Vrins (ceramics) and we've done a small project together ...

We like to push our boundaries. I come up with an idea, she responds or she comes up with an idea and I respond … it is not so important who’s idea it was, the outcome is far more important!

In a way we are opposites, as an architect and designer/maker of leather goods, maybe I think more before I make a bag or a purse or I have to draw a plan before I start. Jeannine, as a designer/maker of ceramics, designs while she’s working in clay. However we both love shaping our material. She loves shaping clay, I leather. And we are definitely both perfectionists... we want to keep the whole process in our own (bare) hands.

Especially for Made London we've designed a small wall vase that combines both of our crafts and we are very proud to present our new item to you: DO!

DO... doesn't it sounds like music to your ears? 
D is for Dominique, O is for Oker (Jeannine's studio name), combined DO.

DO is a small vase for one (or maybe 2) flowers. DO is a combination of two materials, leather and ceramics, skin to skin. The vegetable tanned leather, that ages beautifully, has got a simple cut which holds the ceramic vase. The vase is wheel thrown in stoneware clay, finished with a silky Terra Sigillata and glazed with white glaze.

Leather and ceramics, always a great combination! Read her story about DO ...

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