Friday, 3 October 2014


In exactly 20 days I'm going to London to present my leather work during Made London! So what’s the plan?

MADE LONDON is one of the top selling events for designer makers in Europe. Made London aims to present an enjoyable event showcasing the very best and most original makers in UK and beyond exhibiting the highest quality contemporary craft and design. Made London takes place at One Marylebone, a stunning Sir John Soane Church in central London, next Regents Park.

The new collection is finished! It’s made of 100% genuine vegetable tanned leather in marvellous colours like red, camel, dark brown and off course black. I'm very, very pleased with the result!

Later this month I'm going to launch my Etsy web-shop, you will see the complete Made London collection at my shop. Launch around mid-October, it will be announced on the blog.

What’s more?
I’m not going alone to Made London. Jeannine Vrins, ceramist and I will share a stand. We are creating something brand new especially for Made London. DO is a small wall vase for one or two flowers. DO is a combination of 2 crafts, wheel thrown ceramics and veggie tanned leather, it matches beautifully …

From today I will start a sort of a countdown on twitter and Instagram, each day I will post minimum 1 picture (maybe more) about the preparations … you can follow me at @dominiquedufait or #MadeLondon or #my20days2ML. Hope to see you there too!

If you are planning to visit Made London, please let me know, I will send you ‘2for1’ tickets! You are most welcome!

Made London,
One Marylebone in central London

Fr 24th October 2014 | 11am - 8.00pm
Sa 25th October 2014 | 10am - 6.00pm
Su 26th October 2014 | 10am - 5.00pm

Tickets: £10 per person, E-ticket: £8.50 per person or ‘2for1’ tickets (if you let me know!)

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