Tuesday, 11 November 2014


I've met a lot of interesting designers during Made London, here is a small but very personal selection:

©Mizuyo Yamashita

©Elisabeth Renton

©Raewyn Harrison

©Elaine Bolt

©Emily Kidson

©Michele Wyckoff-Smith

©Louise Loder

©An Alleweireldt

©head and haft

©Samantha Sweet

The ladies-room

Let’s start with our lovely and o so kind neighbours, Japanese and London based ceramist Mizuyo Yamashita (she couldn’t resist our Belgian chocolates) and Elisabeth Renton, she creates beautiful and functional tableware.
As you can tell a lot of ceramist at Made London but they all make very beautiful work (and this is just a very small selection!!) e.g. ceramist Raewyn Harrison, I love the texture in the glaze, she also studied architecture or Elaine Bolt who makes ceramic vessels or objects in porcelain, but she also experiments with different materials she finds and combines it with small pieces of her own creations.

Another large group are the jewellery designers, Emily Kidson likes to experiment with material, this piece is made of laminate. I simply love the silver cuffs by Michele Wyckoff-Smith! Or the beautiful silverware by Louise Loder (silver vases, bowls etc…) or the simple and timeless collection by Belgian but London based designer An Alleweireldt

Woodwork: I’ve added this to my wish-list, a real thick wooden cutting board for in my kitchen designed and made by head and haft, you still feel the three… or take a look at Peter Archer's woodwork.

Glasswork: the very beautiful glasswork by Samantha Sweet, hand blown and hand cut crystal bottles. It’s a pity I don’t have a picture of the glasswork by Samantha Donaldson, take a look at her website. Her glasswork (also jewellery) is just amazing. Or the beautiful vases by glassworker Jonathan Rogers or .....

Of course there were other leatherworkers, take a look at the work of Melissa Simpson and Wolfram Lohr. and a lot that I haven't mentioned! It is simply too much to take in and so many beautiful things to add to my wish-list … (and Christmas is coming) Click here if you want to see all the Made London 2014 participants.

I certainly don’t want to keep this last picture from you, a picture of the ladies-room, completely in gold!! (the gents are in silver).


  1. Thanks so much for including me in your wonderful blog. I loved so many things at MADE as well. You choose some real beauties!

    1. You're welcome Michele, as you know I really love your work.
      It was a real pleasure meeting you!

  2. Dit moet een fantastische ervaring geweest zijn!
    Het zilverwerk van An Alleweireldt vind ik bijzonder mooi en met die naam moet je wel de wereld veroveren.

    1. Dat was het ook, Marleen.
      De strakke lijnen van An Alleweireldt zijn idd bijzonder mooi en krachtig. Van mij mag ze gerust de wereld veroveren! :-)